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Extending a Helping Hand to a School in Afşin

The lingering anguish caused by the catastrophic earthquake that struck our nation on February 6, 2023 remains deeply entrenched within our hearts. In these arduous times, the School of Foreign Languages at İzmir Bakırçay University has initiated contact with a primary school situated in the district of Afşin, Kahramanmaraş, which has endured significant ramifications from the earthquake. With an earnest commitment, we have resolved to lend our support to Afşinbey İlokulu, which had conceived plans to establish language classes prior to the the earthquake.

Within the framework of the Sister School Project, we strive to forge a cohesive front, fostering solidarity as we contribute to the educational development of students in Afşin. Presently, our endeavors persist in securing the requisite books and teaching materials indispensable to the language classroom at Afşinbey Primary School. It is our sanguine aspiration that this benevolent contribution will not only nurture the linguistic competencies of the pupils but also engender a propitious trajectory towards their future accomplishments.

The School of Foreign Languages at İzmir Bakırçay University takes immense pride in being a part of this "Sister School Project." Amidst these challenging circumstances, we earnestly endeavor to apprehend the resolute efficacy of unity and dutifully discharge our societal obligations as conscientious members. Grateful acknowledgments are extended to Blackswan Publishing and the Oxford University Press for their invaluable support in realizing this project.