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Dear Students of Izmir Bakırçay University

Congratulations on your success in the higher education exam, and thanks for choosing our university. On behalf of the academic and administrative staff of School of Foreign Languages, I would like you to know that we are happy to be with you.

It is widely acknowledged that using a foreign language effectively provides people with significant benefits on cognitive level, as well as numerous advantages in business life, social and academic fields. In the information age we are in, the scope of the concept of qualified is expanding more and more, especially the ability to use one or more foreign languages ​​in different contexts effectively, correctly and appropriately becomes more and more important.

With this awareness, School of Foreign Languages makes its unique contribution in preparing İzmir Bakırçay University students to keep up with the challenges of the today’s world and to function effectively as qualified individuals.  

We would like you to know that we are one of the biggest supporters in your language learning process. We are always with you with our competent and experienced academic staff, advanced physical facilities and excitement.

We wish you all a successful and happy academic year.